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Commercial Crafts and Hobbies

J & A CRAFTS (Company Number 217) Hi! It's hard to believe that twenty- five years have passed since our family started J & A Handy-Crafts in that little store front. We have grown considerably since then. Today we are in a large modern facility with a state-of-the-art computer parcel system to help us ship your order to you as quickly as possible. Our catalog has become one of the most popular in the industry offering new and creative crafts every year, and doing so without losing sight of budgets.

S & S WORLDWIDE (Company Number 218) You Can Count On Us It's your worst nightmare come true! A rainy day washes out planned outdoor activities. Antsy kids with lots of energy need a project-quick With S & S Group Packs you'll, always be prepared. Everything you need to make a complete project is ready ideas pre-cut components, brushes, glue and instructions. Look through our catalog for hundreds of craft projects. S & S guarantees to take care of all your craft needs-rain or shine. With 88 years experience in producing quality crafts, we offer the best product at the best price.

Physiotherapy Equipment

ARJO INC (Company Number 176) The Aquanaids Mark II Otter Pool Lift has been designed for safe and easy operation at the poolside. The mast and base assemblies are made of stainless steel with a moulded plastic seat. The elevating and lowering operation is mechanical. In-built into the design is a "free-wheel" device which immediately stops the chair lowering should it meet an obstruction. A locking mechanism incorporated in the base frame automatically locks the chair for safe transfer into and our of the water. The Aquanaids Mark II Otter Pool Lift can be modified to accommodate even the most complex deck and gutter designs. Length of strike 60". (28" and above and32" below main deck level). Maximum recommended load 360lb.

MEDX (Company Number 169) The MedX Leg-extension machine provides a minimum level of only 20 foot-pounds of resistance, a maximum of 498 foot- pounds 240 levels of resistance in increments of two foot-pounds, a full- range goniometer angle detector, range limitation on either or both ends of a full-range movement, an adjustable seat to compensate for differences in thigh length, a support for an injured leg that makes it possible for a subject to exercise their good leg while an injured leg is covered with a cast, proper positioning of the torso in relation to the thighs that is required to provide full-range exercise for the quadriceps muscles by removing tension in the hamstring muscles that results from an incorrect body position.

Special Needs Products

WAVERLY GLEN (Company Number 220) WISPA LIFT SYSTEM: Exacting standards of reliability endorsed and used by hospitals, clinics and health care agencies around the world, the Wispa Lift System is recognized by leading professionals as a premier lift solution for its flexibility, reliability and ease of use. In fact, the Wispa Lift System is more than a product... its an integrated system. Engineered to enable efficient and easy lifting and transferring the Wispa Lift System includes both permanent and portable lift options which can be customized to a virtually unlimited number of applications. What's more, each system is the result of intensive testing under real-life conditions to ensure that every system we install is, and will remain, reliable.